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Feral Faerie Farm

A permaculture homestead striving for self-reliance

Lack of Updates

I'm sure many of you have wondered what happened with our blog!

Other than the lack of time that comes with having a homestead and family in the first place, I've been concerned with privacy and liability.

In short, it is not possible (meaning, allowable within "code") to have a sustainable, permaculture homestead. Each and everything we want to do is probably in violation of some building code or regulation. Writing about such activities in a blog could provide evidence of these activities.

In increasing severity and frequency over the past decades, people have been forced to bankrupt themselves fighting legal battles with counties, cities, and state governments. As much as we want to share what we're doing with everyone, is it worth sacrificing our economic future?

We've been enjoying sharing our journey with our friends when the come to visit. But, we would really like to share more. What are your thoughts? I enjoy following all of your journeys, how do you manage the risk or fear? Thanks!

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