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Feral Faerie Farm

The Farm

In the fall 2014, we hired Terra Phoenix Design to assist us in creating the master plan for our site.  Although we are both familiar with permaculture design principals, we really wanted to leverage the skill and experience of designers with years of experience in our region and climate.  

After many hours of phone consultation, several days of site visits, and followed by even more refinement in the months that followed, we were happy to have our master plan and implementation road map.

As we document our progress, we will often refer to the following locations on our site.  Other than our house, none of the improvements existed when we purchase the farm.  Much of what you see in the master plan has yet to be built, or even marked on the land.

Master Plan
Most Recent Google Earth Map (March 2016)
Climate and other site information
  • USDA Hardiness zone: 8a

  • Sunset Climate zone: 4​

  • Average first frost: October 11 - 20

  • Average last frost: May 1 - 10

  • Growing degree days (50° F / 10° C): 1,720

  • Average annual rainfall:  57¾ inches  (Portland, OR is 36 inches, Seattle, WA is 37½ inches)

  • Wind Power: Class 1

  • Solar Energy Potential: 330 watt hours per square foot per day

Google Earth Map, June 2014
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