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Feral Faerie Farm

A permaculture homestead striving for self-reliance


There are so many lessons to be learned while homesteading. Patience is what I've been lacking lately. 

When we left our house in Lakewood, Eric dug up come of his comfrey, the Russian variety that spreads by root not seed. We didn't really have a great spot to put it, so he put it in a container we had for herbs. We figured we'd plant it that next summer. 

Well, almost 5 years later, I finally planted it. It hadn't grown much, but there was plenty of comfrey root for me to plant, all nicely contained waiting to be divided. 

While I was planting I counted 95 soon to be new comfrey plants, and I didn't even use half of what I pulled out!

The comfrey waited patiently until the conditions improved and will go on to be amazing companions for our berry bushes.  I need to remember all the growth that is still happening even if it doesn't appear so on the outside.  

I just cut them into smaller pieces before putting into the ground.

There was so much comfrey root.

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