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Feral Faerie Farm

A permaculture homestead striving for self-reliance

Where once there was a forest...

Where once there was a forest (pre- 1900), a wheat field (until the ’30’s), a strawberry field, a hay field (until the ’80’s), and a Christmas tree bough farm (until we purchased it 2 years ago), will now become our garden to feed our family, friends, and local community members.


This land has been dormant for a long while. As you walk through the Christmas trees, there is this odd sensation of being in a dead zone. Very little understory, very little light as the trees were planted so closely together, and not a whole lot of wild life.



Soon all that will change. Change isn’t easy or comfortable, but it is necessary. With the last few touches being put on the master plan, we’ve started doing some small things that we know will help us start in the direction we are going. While I don’t have many great before pictures, this part of our property will be cleared and the pigs will get to work digging up roots so we can plant a family garden here. So slowly, with a lot of help, we are cutting down trees, taking out branches and preparing for all the new things to come.EndFragment


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