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Feral Faerie Farm

A permaculture homestead striving for self-reliance

A Slug Garden

Alfred has always loved slugs. Slugs. He likes to hold them and carry them around and pet them. Up until now he hasn’t had the words to express his concern for their safety and future.


That all changed this morning. After collecting eggs we started harvesting kale for dinner. We found a few slugs. Alfred was thrilled. I mentioned that we should scoop them up and feed them to the chickens or the pigs.


Alfred was horrified. Horrified in a way I haven’t seen before. He kept shouting, “No feed slugs pigs. No feed slugs chickens. My pets. Slugs my pets.”


And so we created a slug garden for him. I tried to put it far enough away from our garden so they won’t go back to our plants. While at first I questioned my sanity, I soon realized how useful this could be. Alfred spent about an hour relocating slugs from the garden to his new slug garden.EndFragment


For all of you that haven’t spent a lot of time holding and caressing slugs, they leave a nasty residue.


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