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Feral Faerie Farm

A permaculture homestead striving for self-reliance

A Morning at Feral Faerie Farm

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StartFragmentCome spend a morning with us! While we’re often out and about running to therapy or the store, I thought you might like to see what happens here on a typical stay at home morning!EndFragment


We have a couple early rising kiddos. When they hear their Daddy leave for work, they’re up! We’ve been trying to get school work done during this time. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when the little kids are sleeping. On this morning, three remained sleeping so Jasper and I got an hour of quality lego time. My lego area of expertise is farm related stuff. Jasper is happy to let me build the farms, so we’re all good.


Our morning always starts out by checking on the pigs and chickens. We make sure they have water and food for the day and we look for any early morning eggs.



Flea beetle damage

Some of the 1000's of weeds I pulled

The kitchen garden is the closest to the house. It requires the most work, care and attention. While we were gone, a second wave of weeds and flea beetles took over. Because we didn’t have a cover crop of radish, they decimated the kale and brassicas. I put diatomaceous earth around and the flea beetle sticky traps caught some too. We really need the beneficial nematodes. They will have to wait. We have to water really well for a week after applying them and with this drought, we can’t water the garden every day. I don’t anticipate having such a heavy insect load after this year. We really disturbed the balance roto-tilling the area. We don’t plan on doing that again, so hopefully a balance will return soon!


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StartFragmentWhile I was watering the garden, I heard Jasper yelling that a cat caught something. Not just something, a snake. Of course the cat dropped the snake right by the front of the house. It was in a coil and looked like it had a hurt tail. It took all my inner strength and I called upon all my calm to pick it up and move it to our snake habitat. With a shovel, not my hands! We marked the hole in the rocks so the kids could look out for it.EndFragment

Why yes, we often take walks in our pj's

Kale seeds for fall planting

After that ordeal, we collected a few more kale seed pods for our fall crop of kale, spent some time on the slack line, then headed in to make lunch. It’s amazing how a short morning walk can turn into a half day adventure, but that’s the best part of days spent at home!


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